HTML5 formula visualizer inspired by this article

WARNING: may lag or freeze your browser.

WARNING: may cause seizures.

WARNING: dont paste anything but math formulas into formula box (its like pasting into javascript console, a security hazard)


1-3: Change render mode

R: Decrease Resolution
T: Increase resolution (gets laggy fast)

Scroll wheel: zoom

Space bar: toggle autozoom (laggy, use only with low resolutions)

Q: Reverse autozoom

F: Reset zoom

W: Toggle autorender on mouse-move (on by default)

Click: Clear and render

Function variables

x: x coordinate (offset by cursor)
y: y coordinate (offset by cursor)
mod: 2, modified by zoom level
slope(): primitive slope
ran(1,5): random int between 1 and 5
(Standard js Math functions apply)

Some functions to try (some dont zoom well in this system, you can substitue mod for 2 or just dont zoom)

(mod*x+y)*(mod*x - y )*(x+mod*y)*(x - mod*y)

Launch Visualizer